Every 2.5 days, someone dies by suicide in Lebanon. Every 6 hours, someone attempts suicide. Given the seriousness of the issue and the many lives it affects, Lebanon was in need of a National Suicide Prevention Helpline more than ever before.

Embrace LifeLine is a specialized telephone service that provides services such as suicide risk assessment, collaborative intervention in life threatening suicidal emergencies, emotional support, and serves as a source of referrals to community resources and treatment programa.

Philosophy of Embrace Lifeline 

Following Embrace's belief in the primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of suicide, the Embrace LifeLine strives to provide access to support during times of crisis. The helpline believes that those suffering from suicide should not be neglected nor abandoned. The helpline adopts the duty to intervene to the best of its ability to prevent suicide from occurring, in line with Article 567 of the Lebanese Penal Code. 


In parallel with Embrace's mission:
Embrace LifeLine aims to ensure the respect and empowerment of individuals suffering from suicide, along with their ability to access appropriate care.
Embrace LifeLine strives to increase awareness about suicide in Lebanon, to support individuals suffering from suicide and those bereaved by suicide, while also creating a referral network of community resources for intervention and treatment.
Embrace Lifeline seeks to achieve its mission by engaging all stakeholders, in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health, and creating alliances with community leaders, emergency service providers, and policymakers. The aforementioned leadership is only made possible through financial assistance received from stakeholders and through various fundraising efforts.


The helpline strives to be a center of excellence in suicide prevention in Lebanon and the region and a hub for training and research in the realms of suicide awareness, assessment, and prevention.

Call Center

The call center is located in the Beirut metropolitan area and comprises 27 volunteer helpline operators, a clinical supervisor, a center manager, and in the future an outreach officer. It is equipped with state of the art technology for receiving, handling, and managing calls. The call center’s layout and furnishing facilitates intercommunication between four workstations. Each member of the call center has access to a computer for data capturing through a high tech suicide prevention software. Multiple concurrent calls, call monitoring, call reporting, call barging, call waiting, and call transfer technologies are available. The call center is also be equipped with an emergency line to facilitate communication with the Internal Security Forces and various treatment centers, as well intercommunication between the members of the center during times of crisis.
In the first year of operation, Embrace LifeLine is operating from 12 PM until 2am.
Individuals interested in serving as volunteer helpline operators, can reach us at info@embracefund.org. We are looking for dedicated members who will commit for a year minimum and who will support us in sustaining the first suicide prevention helpline in the region. All volunteers undergo a specialized active listening and suicide risk assessment training.
For individuals who would like to donate to support the sustainability of Embrace LifeLine, we encourage you to visit our Become a Donor page.

Supporting Partners

National Mental Health Program at the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health
The Lebanese Ministry of Public Health and its National Mental Health Program strongly endorse Embrace’s initiative for establishing a National Suicide Prevention Helpline and will help disseminate its utilization across Lebanon. Following WHO guidelines, the National Mental Health Program has recently completed a strategic plan that includes suicide prevention as one of its pillar goals. The Ministry of Public Health, with support from the Fundacion Promocion Social de la Cultura, is developing a referral system linking all levels of care. This mechanism will improve coordination between stakeholders in mental health crisis management. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Embrace and the Ministry of Public Health ensures the National Suicide Prevention Helpline’s access to the National Referral System.

The Kamynu Trust
The Kamynu Trust (KT) is the primary funder of the National Suicide Prevention Helpline. The KT provides funding for organizations that are striving to improve mental health and wellbeing by:
  • Combating the stigma surrounding mental health issues through raising awareness and increasing access to information
  • Working on increasing access, availability and affordability of services for marginalised and disadvantaged groups
  • Exploring new, non-traditional and creative approaches to mental health and wellbeing, with a specific focus on organizations that use art therapies.  The KT strongly believes in the importance of creating spaces and strengthening communities where creative and free expression can thrive

The Agnes Varis Trust
The Agnes Varis Trust supports Embrace's project to start the first suicide prevention helpline in Lebanon and the region. The trust exhibits its commitment to Embrace's mission in mental health awareness and suicide prevention through a generous donation.

The British Lebanese Association
The British Lebanese Association is a strong supporter of Embrace, its mission, and its project to launch Embrace Lifeline.


Useful Links

World Health Organization (2014). Preventing suicide: A global imperative. Available at:   http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/131056/1/9789241564779_eng.pdf?ua=1&ua=1