Generalized anxiety disorder

What is generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)?

  • Generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by persistent and exaggerated feelings of anxiousness about everyday events such as family, work, money, or other things.
  • The worry that people experience from this disorder is often unrealistic or out of proportion. Severe anxiety can impair a person’s ability in carrying out the simplest daily activities.
  • GAD can begin at any time during a person’s lifespan, however, it usually develops between childhood and middle age.

Anxiety in children and adolescents

What is childhood anxiety?

  • Anxiety is a common feeling of fear that all children experience. It could be the result of real or imagined events
  • It is normal at some stages of children’s development.

Anxiety becomes a disorder when it is

  • Excessive
  • Beyond what is expected for the situation and the child’s developmental level
  • Persistent
  • Affecting the child’s social, personal, and academic life

Anxiety disorders

What is anxiety?

  • “Anxiety” is a feeling of being tense or nervous.
  • It is a normal emotion that people experience when they face threatening or difficult situations.


What is an anxiety disorder?

  • An anxiety disorder is different than the normal feeling of anxiety. It causes severe distress that interferes with your ability to function and carry on your daily activities.
  • Anxiety disorders are very common. They can affect anyone.

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