Embrace aspires to be the leading mental health organization in Lebanon and the region through mental health awareness and advocacy.


To ensure people with mental illness are respected, empowered, and able to access appropriate care without the constraints of lack of knowledge, shame or limited resources through positive representation, supportive community programs, alliances with policymakers and financial assistance.

Core Values

  • Respect: To consider all individuals worthy of high regard
  • Integrity: To adhere to the highest moral and ethical principles in fulfilling Embrace’s mission
  • Compassion: To understand another person’s condition from their perspective and strive to respond to their needs
  • Inclusiveness: To actively include key stakeholders in decision making and the implementation of Embrace’s strategic goals
  • Accountability: To acknowledge and assume responsibility for all actions and decisions undertaken within the organization
  • Collaboration: To actively seek partners and engage them in fulfilling Embrace’s mission and vision

Strategic Goals

  • To reduce the suffering of patients and their families and prevent the disabling consequences resulting from untreated mental illnesses
  • To increase public awareness of mental health issues
  • To advocate for the support of mental health at all levels of policymaking
  • To ensure that individuals suffering from mental illnesses in Lebanon have access to psychiatric and psychological care

Target Audience and Services

Individuals with mental illness:   National Suicide Prevention Helpline, Awareness Campaigns, “Into the Dawn” annual suicide memorial walk, financial assistance, support groups, outreach activities, social enterprise

  Local Community Awareness campaigns, “Into the Dawn” annual suicide memorial walk, financial assistance, support groups, outreach activities, Embrace Art Exhibition
Institution Lobbying for financial parity
  Cultural and Legal Community Media advisory services, patient advocate presentation of the Mental Health Law in Lebanon